Fast and convenient generic ligand binding assay for the detection of ADA in monkey using Gyrolab platform

In this webinar, we will report a generic ligand binding assay for ADA detection in monkey studies during early phases of drug development. Firstly, we will show the advantages of our generic 4-step method on gyrolab platform and its performance against ADA specific methods. Then, we will present an approach to prepare a generic positive control and the cut-point strategy applied. Lastly, we will see this LBA format is transposable for a use in other species such as mouse.


This webinar was presented on February 25, 2021.



Romain Gauchet-1
Romain Gauchet 
Senior Technician Pharmacokinetics
Servier Laboratories



Franck Levasseur-1
Franck Levasseur, PhD 
Team Leader Pharmacokinetics
Servier Laboratories



BZ webinar John Chappell

John Chappell, BSc CChem CSci FRSC
Application & Service Director EMEA and Asia Pacific


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