PurePep Chorus wins the Silver Life Science Industry Award, from Bioinformatics Inc.

This next generation modular peptide synthesizer can be configured for current and future throughput, to deliver high purity and yield for applications ranging from simpler to more complex and modified peptides. 

PurePep® Chorus, with the proprietary PurePep pathway eliminating contaminants, has an icon-driven intuitive software that follows the workflow of a typical chemistry laboratory and can be programmed while a synthesis is running. This software is also designed for 21 CFR part 11 compliance. 

PurePep Chorus, delivering purity, productivity and power to grow with your chemistry needs.

Peptides have broad applicability as anti-microbials, neoantigen vaccines, hydrogels, nanomaterials and much more. The conformation or complexity of the peptide structure can have the biological benefit of increased stability and cell membrane penetration. Synthesizing simple to complex peptides can be achieved using various methods. Read More



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Download Product Information Sheet
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