Recorded Webinar from June 9, 2020


High Throughput Reagent Pairing and PK Assay Development Using an Automated Nanoliter-scale Immunoassay Platform


Assay development for preclinical and clinical biotherapeutic PK studies can sometimes be tedious and time consuming, delaying project timelines. This webinar will present a case study highlighting a fit-for-purpose and fast-turnaround reagent pairing experimental design using the Gyrolab® xPand workstation. The case study will also cover the method optimization and troubleshooting process that led to the development of a fully qualified PK assay using the Gyrolab Viewer software. Compared to manual plate-based ELISA, the automated Gyrolab platform reduces manual labor, assay incubation time and reagent consumption. These advantages significantly minimize human error and enhance workflow efficiency.


Learning objectives:

  • How a novel, fit-for purpose and fast-turnaround reagent-pairing approach is useful for PK immunoassay optimization
  • How a microfluidic, fully automated immunoassay platform can improve biotherapeutic PK assay workflow efficiency
  • How Gyrolab Viewer software provides unique tools for assay troubleshooting and optimization


Sally Ye
Sally Ye Scientist III, DMPK Bioanalytical Sciences Group
Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc.




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