Recorded Webinar from January, 2021


Breaking barriers in viral vector titer analysis speed, volume, and data quality

In this webinar, we will discuss how advances in bioanalytical assays and technologies have improved immunoassay performance, closing the gap in assay drawbacks for cell and gene therapy manufacturing.


Examples from Gyrolab® microfluidic, CD-based immunoassay platform will be presented demonstrating AAV titer, LV titer, and bioprocessing HEK 293 host cell protein impurity analysis improvements.

Through the panel discussion, attendees will learn about:

  • Bioanalytical bottlenecks in viral vector manufacturing and bioprocessing
  • Impact of increased regulatory demands, long assay times and large sample consumption on vector characterization
  • Strategies for addressing immunoassay speed, accuracy, and sample volumes
  • Performance of microfluidic-based immunoassays for LV and AAV titer and impurity analysis




Rob Durham, PhDRobert-Durham-Thumbnail

Director of Service and Scientific Support
Gyros Protein Technologies


Johannes Stanta, PhDJohannes Stanta

Director of Bioanalysis
Freeline Therapeutics Ltd


Katherine HansonKatherine Hanson 2-1

Lab Manager


Judith GreengardJudith Greengard

Senior Scientific Fellow, Exploratory Analytical Development and Validation
Adverum Biotechnologies, Inc.


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