Rapid in-solution equilibrium approach to KD determination of biotherapeutic drug candidates 


Johan Engström, senior scientist at Gyros Protein Technologies, presents aspects of in-solution equilibrium affinity experiments using Gyrolab® systems.


Determination of binding affinity and kinetics of antibody-target interactions is essential in bringing therapeutic antibodies from discovery to the market. Gyrolab systems can be used to quickly generate in-solution titration curves in a relevant matrix that mimics biological systems and with interactants in their native form.


An introduction to the set up and evaluation of classical in-solution equilibrium experiments for determination of sub-nanomolar KD values and active concentrations of interactants is discussed. Examples of determinations of picomolar affinities for several marketed TNFα antagonists.


Benefits of listening to the webinar:

  • Learn how to determine sub-nanomolar KD values within an hour
  • Find out how to set up in-solution equilibrium experiments using intuitive software
  • Learn how results are fitted using a novel kinetic model to obtain KD values and active interactant concentrations
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