How to develop robust toxicology biomarker assays

Biomarker kits from EMD Millipore for Gyrolab platform

New GyroMark™ HT kits

Kit convenience and enhanced robustness

The flexibility of the open Gyrolab system has now been complemented with the convenience of new, fully qualified GyroMark™ HT kits from EMD Millipore* that enable clinical researchers and drug developers to generate valuable research data much faster than typical ELISA kits, and using much less sample. These kits free up analyst time and offer an easier route to robust, reproducible data.

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GyroMark HT kit Rat/Mouse Insulin using 200 nL of sample shows excellent correlation (R2 = 0.94) compared to EMD Millipore ELISA using 10 μL of sample (results for 32 rat serum samples, data supplied courtesy of EMD Millipore).

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Find out more about how Diane Hamlin at Eli Lilly has used the high performance and flexibility of Gyrolab workstation to develop robust custom toxicology biomarker assays. 

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Developing a preclinical biomarker assay
is a demanding business

A biomarker assay for preclinical development should be sensitive, have a broad dynamic range and, to spare laboratory animals, use as little sample as possible. The assay must handle a range of matrices and without excessive dilution, which would otherwise reduce the sensitivity. The assay should also be quick to develop and validate, and easy to transfer to another site, for example to a CRO – ready to handle large numbers of samples in a robust manner.

Gyrolab xP workstation helps you get the work done

Developing and running biomarker assays using Gyrolab xP workstation brings you these benefits and more:

  • High-quality data from pg to μg. Minimize dilutions and repeats.
  • Minimize matrix effects.
  • Maximize simplicity and flexibility.
  • Nanoliter precision. Reduced sample and reagent consumption.
  • Move your assay from conventional ELISA to the Gyros platform with confidence.
  • Open platform. Full flexibility.